Hammock Chair Spring

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The chair spring is easy to hook up with your product. Once a hook is securely positioned, attach the spring to the hook and loop the chair onto the spring. That's it. It's not very complicated. Then, have a seat and enjoy the extra-cozy bouncing sensation. These are high-quality 21-coil steel springs that are made to withstand the rigors that nature might throw at them. They have plenty of give and take and have the resilience to bounce back every time. The coils are 8-inches long (so make sure you give yourself plenty of room when you install your chair) and provide a nice cushion feel.

The chair spring will work on any hanging chair that is used outside, as well as those that you may opt to keep it inside. Many customers tell us these springs add to the comfort of units that are installed on the balcony of an apartment or in the recreation room.

You'll feel like you're floating on air when you add an additional level of comfort, support and security to your hammock chair with this Hammock Chair Spring.

• Add additional comfort "bounce" to your hammock chair
• Includes strong 8-inch coils
• Simple to install
• Can be used indoors and outdoors

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