Cacoon Certified Dealer

Aug 01, 2016 0 Comments
Cacoon Certified Dealer

My Hanging Chair is proud to announce that we are now a certified dealer of the Cacoon Hanging Chair.  The Cacoon Hanging Chair ( or Hammock) comes in 3 different styles: Hanging Chair Single, Hanging Chair Double and the Bonsai Hanging Chair for kids. If you are looking for the perfect place to chill out and relax then you have discovered the right solution with these chairs.  


Check out our Top 5 reasons why this Cacoon is great for your health, sanity, and overall well-being.


1.  They’re instantly relaxing.

“ It only takes about 1 minute for your mind and body to sink into a state of pure relaxation once you climb in. The cool gentle breeze and smooth swing back and forth instantly calms the mind.”

2.  There are  an abundance of things you can do in them (besides just hanging around)

“ Other than just reading on the couch or in bed, try getting some fresh air in the hanging chair in your backyard.  Take your phone calls from your best friend or your conference calls from work and stay focused and in the moment.”

3. You can take them anywhere inside or out.

“The hanging chair is easily portable! It can be taken with you on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere or to your vacation home in the mountains, lake or ocean beach. You can hang it from a tree or it has a stand that can be used anywhere you choose to enjoy. 

4. They can help you connect with people and make friends.

“People love hammocks and will be thankful you brought one along. You might want to go ahead and bring two because everyone is going to want you to share.”

5. They are FUN!